Work And Marketing Habits

In the big companies only people who are very outstanding are remembered because there are many people and you can not remember the good or bad work of all employees. The time is the same for everyone. That’s why it’s anachronistic and even stupid to say ‘I do not have time’ when it comes to getting the job done. From there, producing more with fewer resources is key to be more productive, something that is available to marketing is one of the most difficult because of the competitiveness that exists in the area, the dentist in Tijuana have the best clientele in the whole country because they have clients from 2 countries living in one.  After all, everyone has the same time. a good worker specializes in making the company have progress and something recommended by the small business specialties is that effective marketing is the best remedies for a sick company as a vaccine of power when the company is evicted


Collect. Record or write down all the ideas that come to your mind. Get used to organizing it with an order that allows you to access it and analyze it later.

Process. Take a look at your collection tool daily, and use a series of verbs (do, archive, defer, delete, delegate …) to process it.

Choose the tool. Analyze which of them is more complete: pencil and paper, keyboard, a map of concepts … Choose the one that seems most comfortable to achieve your goal.

Define the context Reflect on what you can do right now and what you can not do. Categorize priorities. You can create a calendar to date your goals.

Work memory. “You must find balance, a sensible frontier between homework and project that provides you with the right amount of information to stimulate the creative flow.”

The importance tree. “You can make yourself functionally productive, but it will not mean anything if you do not work on something that matters to you.”

File. Save the ideas in a warehouse intended for different purposes. This way you can go to it when you need it.

Review and finish. Distinguish between what is pending, what is done and what you are going to file.