The old technology returns

Many say that retro fashion always comes back, and although it is true that there are certain things from the 90’s that we would like to forget like the hairy berets or the tiny eyebrows, there are things that are coming back like plastic surgeries in Mexico and waist trousers, but something that we never thought they would return are the first Nokia and BlackBerry phones, it is difficult to think that with such advanced electronic devices someone wanted to go back to time, but these phones still have a market and it is said to be nostalgic and sounds a bit logical, want remember old times and want to have everything more simplified and with fewer distractions as smartphones are now.

Although the trend towards smartphones seems irreversible, there is a public that refuses to pay for sophisticated features, such as touch screens, ultra-connectivity, virtual reality, online videos and music, cloud storage and instant messaging, among other things. There are still people who intend to use the phone to make calls, and smartphones are confusing.

This is how the two old leading brands, Nokia and BlackBerry, are back. Their launches were the biggest attractions at the last Mobile World Congress, the largest mobile phone world fair, held every year in Barcelona. But they are not the only ones: the current owner of BlackBerry and Alcatel plans to reactivate Palm and Motorola and recycle some of the emblematic models.

The CEO of Lenovo, announced that they intend to capitalize on the Motorola brand, as it is highly valued in the western markets for its long history in the industry. And they want to take advantage of it. He also talked about relaunching old successful models, without giving details, but the senior executive clarified that it is what, has to be a stronger product than the original.