The importance of technology in SMEs

Maybe you think that as you have a small or medium business, you must start with the most basic, and it is true but right now there is also technology at good prices that will help you a lot in your first years of business.

Technology can help all kinds of industries, especially when it comes to sales, dentists in Mexico such as Bartell Dental have noticed the difference of sale before, since now all their sales are thanks to their websites and are specified by mail or Whatsapp.

If you do not use these simple technologies like website or social networks that are closer to us than ever, it is very likely that you are losing many customers, without even realizing it. Technology will not only help you to sell more, but also to manage you better and give a better attention to the client. Some applications help you accommodate taxes, which saves you a lot of time that you can use for other, more important things. There are systems that greatly facilitate access to company information, such as inventory, suppliers, customers, vendors, etc.

It is important to become professional and professional, experts mention that new companies that do not invest in technology are very likely to disappear in five years, why? Well with so much competition people prefer companies that give a better and faster service and usually (or always) are the companies that have invested in technology. It is impossible to compete with a company that is technified, that pushes a button and has all the information available.

The trend that is coming globally is to simplify advertising. Advertising now tells you what product to buy, where to buy it and at what price because the level of information handled by people is so great that if you are left with unclear advertising, you lose. If we expect everything to change and we do not change, we will also find ourselves in a problem: let’s stay out of the market.