Micro influecer, The New In Marketing

Technological advances have opened the range of ways in which a company can make itself known and transmit its messages. And one that today marks a trend is the “influencer marketing”. What is it about? That a user of social networks with a notable number of followers produces and reproduces the content of a brand and sends a certain message to his followers, all this, with a digital marketing strategy behind.

So, the purpose of the companies should be to look for Kim Kardashian – the American who has more than 94 million followers on Instagram – to publish about them? Not necessarily.

A text documents how Kim Kardashian, with everything and his millions of followers, did not achieve more than 30 orders of around 30 dollars each for a brand that decided to hire her as “influencer”. If you have a small business and want to increase your flow of customers you can consider this marketing technique if you are a bariatric surgeon in Mexico or you are a dentist or sell clothes, this may be a good option

“It’s easy to see the problem,” says this text. Which? The influencers like her do not have the commitment (“engagement”, that is, the “likes” and the comments) with her followers as it can be achieved by a “micro influencer”, these users who do not necessarily They have millions of followers, but they do manage to provoke a real interaction with those who follow them. They could help you carry your message at the time and to the right consumers.

A Markerly research that analyzed 800 thousand Instagram users who mostly had less than a thousand followers, found that “the best things come in small packages”. That is, as the number of followers increases, the commitment rate decreases. While those with less than a thousand followers generally receive 8% “like” in their publications, users with 10 million or more receive only 1.6% of the time.


What this study maintains is that they are what could balance the balance towards your brand. “These microinfluencers will move the needle towards your brand and cost you a fraction of what you would pay for a megacelebrity,” the study says. While the audience is not large, the interaction that is achieved is much greater. And the goal of a campaign of this kind is precisely to achieve the greatest possible commitment.


An ‘influencer marketing’ campaign can be the before and after the success of a product that appears published by an influencer or not. This type of marketing is very much helped by the big brands, but the reality is that today companies of all sizes can use this strategy to make their name known and there are platforms that facilitate this contact between influencers and brands.