How To Have a Cool Website

How we do so that our page, or our site, be attractive, seller, fast to download, attractive, and more attractive? Well, basically, it’s all about trying, trying, trying. The good dentists in Tijuana have the best web pages in the city, you can take them into account before creating yours.


To be wrong, to be curious and to take advantage of the network to see examples of good web designs and to try to follow those examples is the best thing to do. There is a problem, that takes time and our pages must be finished by tomorrow! What to do then?


Well here we have a series of tips or tricks or tricks, tricks, and basic “laws” that can be very useful, whether you are a graphic designer or intrepid, or harassed by circumstances.


More Color  And Graphics, Less Images And Effects


Line art, vector shapes and flat color are wonderful for the web. To be more clear, if your designs use more Freehand than Photoshop, it is sure that your page will load much faster. As we indicated at the beginning, the easier the better.


Graphics And Texts:

Never, ever, insert text in a graphic. The text is text. The graphics are graphics. Do not confuse them. They are not the same, and the texts in graphics the searchers can not read them, therefore they do not index it.


Attract Attention

With the fluctuations in the connections to the web, its character of “slow” and other affectations, you have 3 SECONDS to convince a user not to use the back button of the browser. THREE SECONDS. Then, put all your efforts so that what you want to show on a web page appears immediately, and in an interesting and seductive way and with the exact contents that the visitor is waiting for and looking for.


Simplifique-Go To What Matters

You have 30 seconds to load ALL a page in the user’s browser. Maybe less, 15 seconds. BE VERY QUICK



Users are not interested in how it works and navigates within their website, they only got there for the content. DESELOS in a fast and simple way. Content is the most important thing on the web.



Stay abreast of new technologies. The web never stays quiet, so devote your free time to what is new. The time has passed since the largest fish ate the smallest, now it is the FASTEST that eats the SLOWEST.


Define your problem

The design is about solving problems, about facing a communication issue with a goal. Define what yours is and you will have half the problem solved.


Learn the principles of navigation

a-People hate to wait

b-People hate to scroll

c-People hate to read

d-People prefer to scroll before waiting

e-People prefer to wait to read.

c-People are not necessarily rational or coherent, but sometimes they do.


Seek inspiration

Talk to people who are outside your field of action. Architects, for example, can give you a completely new perspective on web design, perhaps they can change the way you imagine how a site is conceptualized, transforming web pages into “web spaces”


Listen to music

Yes, when music accompanies your work, it becomes more pleasant and bearable. It even generates more inspiration.