Convert a Live Broadcast Into a Marketing Strategy

We all have seen a simple video that has reached millions of views. How can companies take advantage of viral videos? this means free marketing? Many entrepreneurs who want to start their business do live videos to teach their followers what they do and thus get more customers for example when the customer allows it, dentists can record the process of the braces in Tijuana.


The children came in and let reality come up with them, a fact that charmed the netizens of the whole world.


Spontaneity has turned live video transmissions into one of the most accepted digital trends so far in 2017.


But what do the live broadcasts that netizens love?


Authenticity is one of the key concepts that could explain the success of this type of content. Consumers are tired of assemblies and make-up that television and advertising are offering up to now. That is why they welcome with pleasure that a brand shares authentic elements, in a democratic and organic showcase.


The possibility that a content is shared millions of times in social networks is the desire for all types of brands. However, it is well known that most of these videos or articles are not part of a strategy, so their viralization is not calculated, much less have control over the results that will result.


Various studies have been devoted to trying to find the magic formula to make content shared millions of times and seen all over the world. The conclusion reached by most of them is that the best received videos are those that arouse positive emotions: empathy, joy fun, and so on. And I dare say, those that make us remember that in this hyperconnected world, those of us in front of a screen are still human.


Hence, most of the comments about the video and the post-viralization interview showed empathy towards the teacher, who was seen as a normal person who, due to an accident, showed an aspect of his daily life; Authenticity and spontaneity were the key to winning our empathy.


While it is true that in the digital age we must be more careful with our profiles and our activity in digital platforms, it is also true that we are still human. Maybe we are experts in some academic area, managers in a company. Regardless of the activity we do in the professional field, we also have a family and personal side. This is how we all understood that we shared the video, while we thought that this could have happened to any of us.


After this episode that could even be considered funny, communication strategists have a window of opportunities to generate experiences that allow to see brands, organizations and authentic people.