A mobile application promotes recycling in Mexico

There are products that can have a second use, but when they accumulate they end up becoming garbage and there begins a problem that could be avoided.  The solar panels in Tijuana are also good with the environment and with the good use of technology. With the help of the internet and the use of applications, reuse can be promoted to prevent obsolete products from becoming garbage. Under this approach the application was created, whose letters JER mean “board, delivery and recycle”.


Pick up at home


The app, the only one that works in Mexico and connects to public, companies or institutions that have products for recycling, facilitates the delivery through a parcel system that picks up garbage in any location in the country.


These products, such as clothing, electronic devices, musical instruments, furniture and toys, among others, reach recycling companies for the use of salvaged materials and their reincorporation into productive and economic chains.


People hardly take to storage centers things that can be recycled or have a second use. Instead they store them, clog them and end up becoming garbage.


A tool of the circular economy, which consists in reducing, reusing and recycling, in opposition to the current economic model governed by production, use and disposal.


This is why JERApp is an alternative for handling garbage, counteracting the problem he pretend that the application extends to other countries


More durable products


In the future, it is thought that companies no longer sell a product, but rather renten the service of a product; therefore, they will have to make more durable products.


In Mexico, the mechanisms for waste management have been questioned.


It is untenable the amount of garbage that is generated, and today they do not reach the budgets of the government to maintain the rate of purchase of garbage trucks, handling and creation of sanitary landfills


Since 1950, the public garbage collection has not been able to solve the large amount generated daily. According to data from the National Institute of Statistics of 2016, each inhabitant generates an average of one kilo of garbage per day, and in Mexico, 127.5 million kilos are generated daily.


The application helps in environmental and social issues, but also gives governments another alternative so that people not only depend on garbage trucks, and help recyclers in the collection of materials.


In Europe there are already legislations on circular economy. They are going 10 or 15 years ahead of time, and Mexico must go there