Marketing Ideas For Low Budget Entrepreneurs

When we are starting a business of our own and we do not have a lot of money, it is essential to look for all the free or low-cost tools that we have available, one of them is social networks, which can help you a lot to publicize your products and services. But if you want to have results you must know how to use them, if for example you have already created your company account, it is necessary that you do not leave it forgotten, but that you constantly share relevant content of interest to your followers such as Oral Nova Dent.

Another very important point about this tool is that you do not need to be in all the social networks that exist, but you will have to find out where your ideal clients are and what networks they use to be able to address them in the corresponding social networks, in addition to create different content for each social network.

The testimonials of your clients

An inexpensive tool to persuade indecisive clients to try your product or service is the publicity that your first clients can give you through their reviews and comments. So it’s a good idea to show some opinions of your clients on your website, some entrepreneurs choose to offer a discount on the next purchase to the clients who make a brief review in writing or on video. Remember that even if they are bad reviews, they will help you to improve your product or service, so do not ignore them.

Give something in return

In an age of great competition, something that makes us different when it comes to attracting future clients is to offer them something, give them a free sample or a promotion code just for them. An idea to receive information from your prospects is to give them something in return, this can even be relevant information for them, so they do not feel that they are giving away their information if they do not exchange it for something interesting. Others choose to offer a trial period of your product or service or create a free version of this and also a paid version in which you offer more benefits.

In summary when you start you must do everything possible to get to know and generate interest in your future customers. These are some essential marketing techniques for any company that is opening its doors to the public and does not require a large investment but if a lot of creativity is needed for them to succeed.

Become a Successful Social Media Influencer

Now you are ready to know how to become an online influencer, here are some steps:
Set up you goals: If you know from the beginning which your objectives are you journey will become easier, because you’ll know what you want to reach and you can make better decisions around that.
Find your niche: What’s your niche? What are you an expert in? If you’re a business owner, it’s likely to be your product or service. Hopefully you’re happy to pass on everything you’ve learned to others.
Build a content strategy: Creating content consistently will help you stand out in your community.
When you’re starting out, you don’t want to set unrealistic aims for how often you’ll be publishing content. If you’re blogging, for example, one or two articles a week is an achievable aim alongside your other commitments. You don’t have to stick to the plan rigidly, but make sure that you’re posting consistently.
personal appearance: Like it or not, you are being judged by how you look, how you dress, and how you carry yourself, and yes, people tend to follow pretty people. You can try a new hair style that goes good with your face, be sure that your clothes always looks clean and have bright shining smile (you may need a smile makeover in Tijuana.
Contribute to Other influencers: One of the quickest ways to raise your influencer status is to contribute your content to other influencers. After your content is published, let people in your network know about your collaboration, tweet the link and share it on Facebook. Also, keep an eye on your article’s comments, so you can respond to any questions even the negative.
Engage Online: To be an influencer, you need to be notice, try to take part in relevant conversations across a variety of networks. Also, If you’re influencer in a platform in particular use that as your primary social network but utilize the others as well to get even more visibility.
But the most important step it’s to get started: You only fail when you don’t even try, so stop over thinking and get started. You may post a couple of times and then left it by side because no one is seeing you, but you have keep posting consistently and be really patient because it can pass a long time before seeing results.

Cómo registrar una marca comercial para tu empresa

El registro de marca en Mexico para el nombre de una empresa es bastante sencillo. Muchas empresas pueden presentar una solicitud en línea en menos de 90 minutos, sin la ayuda de un abogado. La forma más sencilla de registrarse es en el sitio web de la Oficina de Patentes y Marcas.
Antes de completar el formulario de registro en línea, consulte la base de datos del Sistema de búsqueda electrónica de marcas comerciales del sitio para asegurarse de que otra empresa aún no haya registrado una marca idéntica o similar para las mismas categorías de productos o servicios que ofrece. La protección de la marca de los EE. UU. Se concede a la primera entidad que utiliza una marca particular en el área geográfica donde opera, independientemente de si la marca está registrada. Pero si su marca elegida ya está registrada por otra empresa, incluso si la utilizó primero, su registro será rechazado y probablemente querrá un abogado que lo ayude a continuar.
El registro de la marca en línea cuesta y requiere información como las categorías de productos y servicios para los que se usará la marca, fecha del primer uso de la marca en el comercio y si hay un componente de diseño para la marca que está buscando. Las empresas de Internet que registran sus nombres generalmente deben abstenerse de registrar su extensión web, como .com o .net, con su nombre, a menos que estén planeando registrar la marca tanto con como sin ella. Obtener una marca sin la extensión de dominio ayudará a evitar que otras empresas registren el mismo nombre simplemente agregando una extensión diferente. No designe un diseño específico de su marca comercial para obtener la protección más amplia.
Debería recibir una respuesta a su solicitud dentro de los seis meses posteriores a la presentación, de acuerdo con el sitio web de la Oficina de Patentes y Marcas Registradas. Existen algunos escenarios en los que el registro a través de un abogado de propiedad intelectual o al menos la búsqueda de asesoramiento legal de antemano tiene sentido. Si su marca deseada es similar a otra marca registrada, o lo suficientemente similar como para confundir a las personas, hay una posibilidad decente de que su registro sea impugnado.
Además, es difícil registrar nombres que se consideran demasiado genéricos. Un abogado de marcas puede ayudarlo a encontrar una forma de obtener al menos algo de protección.

The keys to implementing online marketing with positive results

The online marketing is a market that has left us great numbers in what was the 2017. Due to this, it is worth saying that in the coming months we will see more companies and brands betting on this digital sector.

If your company does not want to be left behind in the reinvention of new strategies to overcome the competition in the digital area, it is better that you see the following keys the online marketing like the KatRank SEO agencies for positive results.

Interact with social networks

The states of applications such as Facebook and Instagram were made to share the moments and most important information of the day, both of your personal life, and of your company. So instead of not publishing content or publishing hundreds of states a day, it is best to segment the number of publications that you will broadcast in your business networks. With a couple of great photos a day you can get the attention of new users.

Content marketing should be the perfume you use every day for your brand

The perfume of your brand should inspire serenity and not destabilization or distrust by not having good information and content. If you do not want that to happen, you’d better start generating good content for each tab and window available on your platforms. Always offers something more than the competition. It provides the opportunity for the client and user to find what they are looking for and a little more.

One of the biggest mistakes is to continue implementing strategies for search engine optimization (SEO) from years ago. Today, Google is making changes to its algorithm every quarter or in similar periods, so each quarter tries to implement new techniques so that your website is always increasing the number of visits.

On the other hand, voice searches are taking over the search engines, so you must adapt to it without thinking twice. Try to think about the way in which people would look for information that you bring to your website. No matter the subject, there are always thousands of people around the world who have curiosities similar to those you show in your post or in the section with products and services.


Cómo Convertirte En Un Hombre De Negocios

Hay muchas maneras diferentes de lograr tu sueño. Puede unirse a un negocio estable y, a través de los años, trabajar para llegar a la cima. Puedes comenzar tu propio negocio, cultivar una nueva idea y esperar que despegue. O bien, puede abrir una de las mejores franquicias en México y comenzar con un modelo comercial probado que seguramente alcanzará el éxito bajo su gestión y orientación.


Creemos que las franquicias son una excelente forma de hacerlo en el mundo de los negocios. Las franquicias tienen muchos beneficios que no se consiguen al iniciar su propio negocio, y las franquicias evitan muchas de las dificultades y dificultades que las empresas de nueva creación suelen tener. A continuación hay tres beneficios principales que tiene la franquicia sobre comenzar su propio negocio.


No necesita marketing.

Parte de la razón por la que los individuos se unen a una franquicia en lugar de comenzar de cero es porque ya existe una sólida base comercial. La marca, el marketing, los planes futuros, la base de clientes y casi todo lo que preocupa a los nuevos propietarios de negocios ya están establecidos. Además, la mayoría de las franquicias tienen Informes comerciales e Indicadores clave de rendimiento que brindan información que lo ayudará a conocer la mejor forma de administrar su franquicia y tomar decisiones comerciales informadas.

Las franquicias aún ofrecen la experiencia de puesta en marcha

Hay algo extremadamente satisfactorio y gratificante en comenzar un negocio desde cero. Sin embargo, también hay mucho riesgo involucrado en comenzar un negocio. Comenzar una franquicia proporciona la misma experiencia satisfactoria de comenzar su propio negocio sin gran parte del riesgo.

Las franquicias proporcionan más ayuda

Muchos nuevos propietarios de negocios solo tienen que confiar en ellos. Por el contrario, alguien que se una a una franquicia de Signarama tiene una compañía completa que los respalda y les da consejos. Los propietarios de franquicias pueden aprovechar la abundancia de conocimiento y experiencia que otros franquiciadores tienen para asegurarse de que su franquicia tenga éxito. Y queremos que tenga éxito, porque cuando se une a una franquicia, se convierte en parte de nuestra familia de franquicias.

¿Son exitosas las franquicias?

La conclusión es sí, bajo las condiciones adecuadas. Una franquicia Signarama se abrió en el área correcta, y dirigida por un individuo ambicioso, talentoso y apasionado tendrá éxito. Una franquicia de Signarama también tiene mayores posibilidades de éxito al comenzar un negocio desde cero, incluso en condiciones similares.

REASONS Why You Should Do Short Films

Do you like the world of cinema and want to dedicate yourself to it? If so, you will know what industry is huge and it is not easy to get started, however many of our favorite directors made their way through red carpets starting with low or low budget shorts. It makes a short film is not as easy as it seems and a good film depends on 2 things have an interesting plot and very good actors, especially they have to be very beautiful people in all aspects, beauty attracts audiences and we all know it, beautiful smile with a good dentist in Tijuana, nice hair with a good stylists and good body with a lot of gym..


Do you like the world of cinema and want to dedicate yourself to it? If so, you will know what industry is huge and it is not easy to get started, however many of our favorite directors made their way through red carpets starting with low or low budget shorts.


Stories do not have to be too long, so you do not have to spend a lot of time planning and rolling it. Obviously you have your preparation, but you can avoid being a month with recordings. There are shorts that have been made in 2 days.


The most fun of making shorts is what you can do with friends. It is always more fun to work with friends, they can understand your idea better and also work “as a family”. You do not need professionals, and they can be useful on both sides of the camera. Surely more than one friend impresses you with his acting skills.


If you want to be professional, shorts help you develop skills and take practice. Improve your technique is never over, and whether you’re director, camera or make-up artist, will help you with your experience. And of course, if they move well for festivals they can go very far and many more people can get to see it.


If this has not convinced you yet, we encourage you to take a look at the beginnings of your favorite directors, surely many of them started making short films, and see how well they have done!


Ads on the internet that affect your business

In a digital world full of competition we want to draw attention, we want to be sure that Internet users see us and listen to us. And there are several digital tools, for example, several dentists have served to offer a free service such as dental cleanings Tijuana through Internet ads to get more costumers. But we must be careful with our ads, not only that they appear in the appropriate geographical area but also take into account that Internet users detest video ads that play automatically with sound, pop-ups, which you should expect 10 seconds before being able to close them or those ads that occupy more than 30% of the screens. Since they see it as an invasion of their privacy.

This not only affects people who use computer equipment, but also those who use mobile devices are very displeased to see the aforementioned ads, animated ads and those that consume a lot of data, which at the end of the day has an impact on Some hatred for the brands that use these digital marketing strategies.

Currently there has also been a rapid rise of ad blockers, whose installation has grown 400% since 2013 until now, with what is already used by 220 million users, of which 9 million are limited to mobile devices.

Withdrawal from annoying ads
Indeed, we hope that these initial rules will be a wake-up call to brands, agencies, media and their technology providers to remove the ad formats that the investigation shows are annoying and abusive to consumers. Otherwise, ad blocking will increase, advertising will be reduced and the market for ideas and information as a column of open societies and liberal economies will fall into oblivion.

An interesting fact about users who use ad blockers is that according to a survey, 76% of users would stop using it if the ads were less intrusive. To a lesser extent, 58% would deactivate it if there was less publicity and 43% would do the same if the ads consumed less data and did not delay loading.

Convert a Live Broadcast Into a Marketing Strategy

We all have seen a simple video that has reached millions of views. How can companies take advantage of viral videos? this means free marketing? Many entrepreneurs who want to start their business do live videos to teach their followers what they do and thus get more customers for example when the customer allows it, dentists can record the process of the braces in Tijuana.


The children came in and let reality come up with them, a fact that charmed the netizens of the whole world.


Spontaneity has turned live video transmissions into one of the most accepted digital trends so far in 2017.


But what do the live broadcasts that netizens love?


Authenticity is one of the key concepts that could explain the success of this type of content. Consumers are tired of assemblies and make-up that television and advertising are offering up to now. That is why they welcome with pleasure that a brand shares authentic elements, in a democratic and organic showcase.


The possibility that a content is shared millions of times in social networks is the desire for all types of brands. However, it is well known that most of these videos or articles are not part of a strategy, so their viralization is not calculated, much less have control over the results that will result.


Various studies have been devoted to trying to find the magic formula to make content shared millions of times and seen all over the world. The conclusion reached by most of them is that the best received videos are those that arouse positive emotions: empathy, joy fun, and so on. And I dare say, those that make us remember that in this hyperconnected world, those of us in front of a screen are still human.


Hence, most of the comments about the video and the post-viralization interview showed empathy towards the teacher, who was seen as a normal person who, due to an accident, showed an aspect of his daily life; Authenticity and spontaneity were the key to winning our empathy.


While it is true that in the digital age we must be more careful with our profiles and our activity in digital platforms, it is also true that we are still human. Maybe we are experts in some academic area, managers in a company. Regardless of the activity we do in the professional field, we also have a family and personal side. This is how we all understood that we shared the video, while we thought that this could have happened to any of us.


After this episode that could even be considered funny, communication strategists have a window of opportunities to generate experiences that allow to see brands, organizations and authentic people.


Advertising for Dentists

Good publicity is key to the success of any dental clinic. The Tijuana dentist in Mexico have effective announcement be recorded in the mind of the reader, so the next time someone have to go to the dentist, your name will come to their minds. Writing the ad text may seem intimidating at first, but with a little effort you can write an ad that gets patients to line up to make appointments.

Find as many ads from dentist offices as you can and list the features that could be highlighted. Take note of the ads that seem more effective than others and consider the possible reasons for this.


How to write an advertisement for a dental clinic?


Ask yourself what your dental clinic offers to clients in particular. Do you offer any special service? If you’ve been in the business for a long time, that information could help you gain the trust of potential patients.

The patient tends to think in a “relational” way when it comes to their dentist. In other words, the patient wants to build a relationship with a dentist that he can trust, instead of finding a good offer. Including testimonials from previous patients will help to gain the trust of the person who reads your ad.

Try to make it attractive and easy to read. The contact information sho

Write a first draft of the text (or copy) of your ad. Ask for the opinion of friends and co-workers and keep checking the text until you are satisfied. Be sure to include the dentist’s name, office address and phone number.


Keep in mind the places where you want your ad to appear. Newspapers, public transport, the Internet and the yellow pages are the most common places to find advertising for a dentist’s office, and all have different requirements.

Investigate the requirements of the medium you have chosen. The size of your ad and the graphic requirements will vary depending on where you want to publish it.

With an image editing program, design the first draft of your ad.


uld be clearly visible and stand out from the rest of the text. Again, ask for the opinion of others and review the text until you feel it is ready to be published. Make sure the format of your ad fits the requirements of the place where it will be published.

Contact the advertising sales department of the media you have chosen and publish your ad.

The importance of technology in SMEs

Maybe you think that as you have a small or medium business, you must start with the most basic, and it is true but right now there is also technology at good prices that will help you a lot in your first years of business.

Technology can help all kinds of industries, especially when it comes to sales, dentists in Mexico such as Bartell Dental have noticed the difference of sale before, since now all their sales are thanks to their websites and are specified by mail or Whatsapp.

If you do not use these simple technologies like website or social networks that are closer to us than ever, it is very likely that you are losing many customers, without even realizing it. Technology will not only help you to sell more, but also to manage you better and give a better attention to the client. Some applications help you accommodate taxes, which saves you a lot of time that you can use for other, more important things. There are systems that greatly facilitate access to company information, such as inventory, suppliers, customers, vendors, etc.

It is important to become professional and professional, experts mention that new companies that do not invest in technology are very likely to disappear in five years, why? Well with so much competition people prefer companies that give a better and faster service and usually (or always) are the companies that have invested in technology. It is impossible to compete with a company that is technified, that pushes a button and has all the information available.

The trend that is coming globally is to simplify advertising. Advertising now tells you what product to buy, where to buy it and at what price because the level of information handled by people is so great that if you are left with unclear advertising, you lose. If we expect everything to change and we do not change, we will also find ourselves in a problem: let’s stay out of the market.

Work And Marketing Habits

In the big companies only people who are very outstanding are remembered because there are many people and you can not remember the good or bad work of all employees. The time is the same for everyone. That’s why it’s anachronistic and even stupid to say ‘I do not have time’ when it comes to getting the job done. From there, producing more with fewer resources is key to be more productive, something that is available to marketing is one of the most difficult because of the competitiveness that exists in the area, the dentist in Tijuana have the best clientele in the whole country because they have clients from 2 countries living in one.  After all, everyone has the same time. a good worker specializes in making the company have progress and something recommended by the small business specialties is that effective marketing is the best remedies for a sick company as a vaccine of power when the company is evicted


Collect. Record or write down all the ideas that come to your mind. Get used to organizing it with an order that allows you to access it and analyze it later.

Process. Take a look at your collection tool daily, and use a series of verbs (do, archive, defer, delete, delegate …) to process it.

Choose the tool. Analyze which of them is more complete: pencil and paper, keyboard, a map of concepts … Choose the one that seems most comfortable to achieve your goal.

Define the context Reflect on what you can do right now and what you can not do. Categorize priorities. You can create a calendar to date your goals.

Work memory. “You must find balance, a sensible frontier between homework and project that provides you with the right amount of information to stimulate the creative flow.”

The importance tree. “You can make yourself functionally productive, but it will not mean anything if you do not work on something that matters to you.”

File. Save the ideas in a warehouse intended for different purposes. This way you can go to it when you need it.

Review and finish. Distinguish between what is pending, what is done and what you are going to file.


Micro influecer, The New In Marketing

Technological advances have opened the range of ways in which a company can make itself known and transmit its messages. And one that today marks a trend is the “influencer marketing”. What is it about? That a user of social networks with a notable number of followers produces and reproduces the content of a brand and sends a certain message to his followers, all this, with a digital marketing strategy behind.

So, the purpose of the companies should be to look for Kim Kardashian – the American who has more than 94 million followers on Instagram – to publish about them? Not necessarily.

A text documents how Kim Kardashian, with everything and his millions of followers, did not achieve more than 30 orders of around 30 dollars each for a brand that decided to hire her as “influencer”. If you have a small business and want to increase your flow of customers you can consider this marketing technique if you are a bariatric surgeon in Mexico or you are a dentist or sell clothes, this may be a good option

“It’s easy to see the problem,” says this text. Which? The influencers like her do not have the commitment (“engagement”, that is, the “likes” and the comments) with her followers as it can be achieved by a “micro influencer”, these users who do not necessarily They have millions of followers, but they do manage to provoke a real interaction with those who follow them. They could help you carry your message at the time and to the right consumers.

A Markerly research that analyzed 800 thousand Instagram users who mostly had less than a thousand followers, found that “the best things come in small packages”. That is, as the number of followers increases, the commitment rate decreases. While those with less than a thousand followers generally receive 8% “like” in their publications, users with 10 million or more receive only 1.6% of the time.


What this study maintains is that they are what could balance the balance towards your brand. “These microinfluencers will move the needle towards your brand and cost you a fraction of what you would pay for a megacelebrity,” the study says. While the audience is not large, the interaction that is achieved is much greater. And the goal of a campaign of this kind is precisely to achieve the greatest possible commitment.


An ‘influencer marketing’ campaign can be the before and after the success of a product that appears published by an influencer or not. This type of marketing is very much helped by the big brands, but the reality is that today companies of all sizes can use this strategy to make their name known and there are platforms that facilitate this contact between influencers and brands.


Improvements you can make in your marketing

If you are new to digital marketing, it is normal to make mistakes, technologies are constantly changing and it is important to be updated, so we will show you some changes that you can make so that the social networks of your company give the desired results.

Constantly monitor the analytics of your page.

Of course before you must be clear about what your goals are going to be and how you are going to measure them, and you have to measure them constantly since it is not enough to have a plan, you also need to monitor that it works. Whether they are analytics on your website or your social networks, you should check them regularly to make corrections on time, if necessary.

You do not know why you are in social networks.
Many companies open corporate profiles in all social networks because you have to be, but do not know what to put and how to communicate with them. In reality, social networks are part of your strategy, so they must be aligned with the objectives of your brand. Some of the most common uses of networks for companies are to promote their own content, create a community around the brand and manage customer service, while other companies have not needed social networks to succeed as it is EG Dental, since they focus more on your web positioning.

Wanting to be the center of attention
Something very common in many companies is that they usually use social networks to promote only your blog and although this is a good thing, it should not be the only thing, you can get much more interaction if you try to talk about the most current topics that your followers are talking about .

You make digital marketing when you have time.

Many companies that start out fall into the error of not prioritizing marketing and only engage in it in their spare time. Although you can also get some good results, but certainly not take advantage of all the potential they offer. If you can not book at least a few hours a week your marketing contracts someone to do it for you, you will see that the investment will be worth it. Treat this commitment with the same seriousness as your customers: you will see how quickly you begin to notice the results.

How To Have a Cool Website

How we do so that our page, or our site, be attractive, seller, fast to download, attractive, and more attractive? Well, basically, it’s all about trying, trying, trying. The good dentists in Tijuana have the best web pages in the city, you can take them into account before creating yours.


To be wrong, to be curious and to take advantage of the network to see examples of good web designs and to try to follow those examples is the best thing to do. There is a problem, that takes time and our pages must be finished by tomorrow! What to do then?


Well here we have a series of tips or tricks or tricks, tricks, and basic “laws” that can be very useful, whether you are a graphic designer or intrepid, or harassed by circumstances.


More Color  And Graphics, Less Images And Effects


Line art, vector shapes and flat color are wonderful for the web. To be more clear, if your designs use more Freehand than Photoshop, it is sure that your page will load much faster. As we indicated at the beginning, the easier the better.


Graphics And Texts:

Never, ever, insert text in a graphic. The text is text. The graphics are graphics. Do not confuse them. They are not the same, and the texts in graphics the searchers can not read them, therefore they do not index it.


Attract Attention

With the fluctuations in the connections to the web, its character of “slow” and other affectations, you have 3 SECONDS to convince a user not to use the back button of the browser. THREE SECONDS. Then, put all your efforts so that what you want to show on a web page appears immediately, and in an interesting and seductive way and with the exact contents that the visitor is waiting for and looking for.


Simplifique-Go To What Matters

You have 30 seconds to load ALL a page in the user’s browser. Maybe less, 15 seconds. BE VERY QUICK



Users are not interested in how it works and navigates within their website, they only got there for the content. DESELOS in a fast and simple way. Content is the most important thing on the web.



Stay abreast of new technologies. The web never stays quiet, so devote your free time to what is new. The time has passed since the largest fish ate the smallest, now it is the FASTEST that eats the SLOWEST.


Define your problem

The design is about solving problems, about facing a communication issue with a goal. Define what yours is and you will have half the problem solved.


Learn the principles of navigation

a-People hate to wait

b-People hate to scroll

c-People hate to read

d-People prefer to scroll before waiting

e-People prefer to wait to read.

c-People are not necessarily rational or coherent, but sometimes they do.


Seek inspiration

Talk to people who are outside your field of action. Architects, for example, can give you a completely new perspective on web design, perhaps they can change the way you imagine how a site is conceptualized, transforming web pages into “web spaces”


Listen to music

Yes, when music accompanies your work, it becomes more pleasant and bearable. It even generates more inspiration.

Tricks To Design And Create Web Pages

It is almost certain that we have ever faced designing a web page. Our profession may have nothing to do with graphic design, but the inconvenience of facing a blank page with a creation of your own is, at least, inescapable for anyone involved in the Network.


The dentists in Tijuana are some of the jobs with more competition so they always try to have a modern and adequate web page, here are some tips for a cool page.




The power of a good design is in its simplicity. Define the essence and communicate it in a simple way.



When your final design seems to be too simple for the amount of time you spent, VOILA! Your work is ready and perfect to work.



Learn to communicate and collaborate with all members of the key web professions: programming, marketing, commercial.



Do not be seduced by the way to the detriment of the content.


A web design committed to the content contributes to a greater extent to a better web positioning, and also gives quality content and order to your visits.



The most important aesthetic consideration to consider is THE TRANSMISSION SPEED. If your work takes too long to go down, leave everything on its side and go back to paper and pencil.



When going to upload texts, FIRST READ THEM.


Think about how someone, with less interest than yours, could take a look at them and, most importantly, read them.

Another thing that is very helpful is the width of the texts.


You often see websites with their texts running from end to end of the page. How can you read that?


Better try to keep your texts in a width of 400 pixels, or at least a third of your screen.

The old technology returns

Many say that retro fashion always comes back, and although it is true that there are certain things from the 90’s that we would like to forget like the hairy berets or the tiny eyebrows, there are things that are coming back like plastic surgeries in Mexico and waist trousers, but something that we never thought they would return are the first Nokia and BlackBerry phones, it is difficult to think that with such advanced electronic devices someone wanted to go back to time, but these phones still have a market and it is said to be nostalgic and sounds a bit logical, want remember old times and want to have everything more simplified and with fewer distractions as smartphones are now.

Although the trend towards smartphones seems irreversible, there is a public that refuses to pay for sophisticated features, such as touch screens, ultra-connectivity, virtual reality, online videos and music, cloud storage and instant messaging, among other things. There are still people who intend to use the phone to make calls, and smartphones are confusing.

This is how the two old leading brands, Nokia and BlackBerry, are back. Their launches were the biggest attractions at the last Mobile World Congress, the largest mobile phone world fair, held every year in Barcelona. But they are not the only ones: the current owner of BlackBerry and Alcatel plans to reactivate Palm and Motorola and recycle some of the emblematic models.

The CEO of Lenovo, announced that they intend to capitalize on the Motorola brand, as it is highly valued in the western markets for its long history in the industry. And they want to take advantage of it. He also talked about relaunching old successful models, without giving details, but the senior executive clarified that it is what, has to be a stronger product than the original.

Unforgivable mistakes for your company

We all make mistakes and when we are starting a business it is obvious that we will continue to make mistakes, maybe hire a woman because they are beautiful instead of taking into account their intellectual capacity, or hire your best friend, those are mistakes that you may regret later, but there are other mistakes that can lead your business to ruin, here we will show you some.

Do not plan correctly

Surely you want to take advantage of all the digital tools you have on hand to promote your product or service and is that online marketing pursues the eternal goal of creating impact. The Marketing Plan is fundamental if, for example, the company wants to undertake a commercial strategy, because it is a way of ordering key aspects and minimizing risks. Many dentists in Mexico have had great international success thanks to the planning and that, in addition, we talk about a changing environment that puts new challenges before the companies with assiduity.

The ideal thing to plan correctly is to get in touch with a good marketing agency to advise you and if that agency is specialized in the industry in which you are working, much better. Lately there is much talk of the development of mobile applications, for this you need a good investment if you want to hire a company that is dedicated to innovation and development of effective apps.

However, these applications may well be worth the investment, for example many companies to manage their management use applications to control stocks or sales to optimize the productive activity.

Forget about the objectives

Sometimes we focus so much on tactics that we can forget about the initial objectives, this is usual in content marketing. Companies launch to create them because they have heard that doing it is good for positioning or to get followers. However, they may not work if you have not defined what you want to achieve specifically, or in the worst case, to which users you are going to address.
Marketing, then, requires a lot of planning so that it ends in success, and also knowing how to anticipate mistakes.

A mobile application promotes recycling in Mexico

There are products that can have a second use, but when they accumulate they end up becoming garbage and there begins a problem that could be avoided.  The solar panels in Tijuana are also good with the environment and with the good use of technology. With the help of the internet and the use of applications, reuse can be promoted to prevent obsolete products from becoming garbage. Under this approach the application was created, whose letters JER mean “board, delivery and recycle”.


Pick up at home


The app, the only one that works in Mexico and connects to public, companies or institutions that have products for recycling, facilitates the delivery through a parcel system that picks up garbage in any location in the country.


These products, such as clothing, electronic devices, musical instruments, furniture and toys, among others, reach recycling companies for the use of salvaged materials and their reincorporation into productive and economic chains.


People hardly take to storage centers things that can be recycled or have a second use. Instead they store them, clog them and end up becoming garbage.


A tool of the circular economy, which consists in reducing, reusing and recycling, in opposition to the current economic model governed by production, use and disposal.


This is why JERApp is an alternative for handling garbage, counteracting the problem he pretend that the application extends to other countries


More durable products


In the future, it is thought that companies no longer sell a product, but rather renten the service of a product; therefore, they will have to make more durable products.


In Mexico, the mechanisms for waste management have been questioned.


It is untenable the amount of garbage that is generated, and today they do not reach the budgets of the government to maintain the rate of purchase of garbage trucks, handling and creation of sanitary landfills


Since 1950, the public garbage collection has not been able to solve the large amount generated daily. According to data from the National Institute of Statistics of 2016, each inhabitant generates an average of one kilo of garbage per day, and in Mexico, 127.5 million kilos are generated daily.


The application helps in environmental and social issues, but also gives governments another alternative so that people not only depend on garbage trucks, and help recyclers in the collection of materials.


In Europe there are already legislations on circular economy. They are going 10 or 15 years ahead of time, and Mexico must go there